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Application Form

Please complete in block capital letters

Surname *
Date of Birth *
Postcode *
Address *
Previous address if less than 5 years at current address *
Home Telephone *
Mobile *
Email *
Nationality *
NI Number *
Marital Status *
SIA Licence Type *
SIA Licence Type *
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Employment History

Starting with your most recent employer please provide details of your employment history for the last 5 years including any periods of self employment, unemployment, or Military Service etc.

Company Name *
Company Address *
Date Started *
Date Left *
Company Details *
Reason for leaving *

Personal reference

Please give the name and address of someone that has known you for at least two years and whom you are still in contact with, that will consent to supply a written reference. This should not be anyone who is related to you, previous employer or resident at the same address.

Name *
Address *
Contact No. *
Relationship to you *
Length of time known *


I declare that to the best of my knowledge, the information I have given on my application for employment is true and correct. Any false statements or ommissions to Universal Security Guards (GB) Ltd may render this application void.

I authorise Universal Security Guards (GB) Ltd to approach former employers and personal referees for the information required relating to my employment record.

I declare that any documents I provide to Universal Security Guards are genuine and give my consent for these documents to be examined in accordance with policies and procedures.

I acknowledge that any falsified documents my be reported to the appropiate authorities.

Name *
Signature *
Date *

When attending for an interview with Universal Security Guards (GB) Limited please bring with you –

  • Photo I.D (Passport or Driving license)
  • Working permit (If needed) / Residency.
  • 2 x proof of address (dated within 3 months) Utility bill, Bank statement.
  • SIA Badge
  • 2 x passport photo’s (For a company I.D badge)

All must be originals.

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